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Voice Post

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If I had a million dollars

If I suddenly became rich, or even got, like, a thousand bucks, I would buy every single dress on this website: http://www.modcloth.com/

Seriously, look.

THESE ARE ADORABLE. I never ever wear dresses but I really like buying them. :|


Question: Where is Zach taking me?
ZSG does this thing where he surprises me. You'll recognize this tactic from That Time He Took Me To NYC As A Surprise And It Fucking Rocked. :D
Tomorrow he's taking me somewhere! He won't say where. I haven't, like, asked him outright what we're doing. But I've got some clues. 

Research Sources: mlb.mets.com--> Citi Field A-Z, Mets game schedule

-Mostly outdoors
-Varied eateries there
-Me: "Have you been there before?" Him: "cough"
-It would suck if it was raining, which it probably will be :(
-He just told me he was lying about everything he's hinted at
-He says we'll be back pretty late
-He is picking me up pretty early
-Him: "Welp, you can't back out of it now"

My hypothesis, which is really just more like wishful thinking: NYM vs. SLC @CitiField.

ZSG has said he wanted to do this later in the summer and take me along. Last week, I let him know that I wouldn't be able to go on the date that he'd set, tentatively. So...maybe he just snatched this up. I mean, cheap seats are less than twenty bucks, and we'd have to leave pretty early to get to Queens by 7, and we'd obviously be back late. I checked out CitiField and they have sushi, Italian, and a fries-only place, all of which he specified. Then he said "It's a big place---I MEAN SMALL PLACE. IT'S A PLACE." Aww. Trying to cover up. The "cough" thing? He's been to Shea, but not Citi Field. So teeeechnically, he's been to a Mets game, but not at the new park. Obviously, it's mostly outdoors. Obviously, as an American, it's necessary for me to see a ball game. I've never been to one before! And if he's got tickets, I can't back out, because that's just dick.

Okay. Okay. So, that's it. Tomorrow is the experiment, obviously. If I'm wrong, which I may well be, I will be disappointed, but I psyched myself up for it.

buh huh huh i really hope i really hope. The fries-stand thing is, like, my most solid piece of evidence.

ZSG: I've got a playlist for the drive, too. It's got Beck on it.
Me: Is the song "Loser"? (because, let's face it, THE METS.)
ZSG: What? No. It's E-Pro.

also we're driving so seriously what the fuck who drives to fucking queens i mean jesus fuckface christ

if i die because of his driving...tell...tell toasty, tara, nikki, kat, and alex i love them





To all the seniors who keep asking me why I won't go to prom:
I don't want to. I just don't. Is that a good enough reason for you?

I have to put up with limo, dress, and after-party talk for another two months AND THEN IT IS DONE, and no one will bug me about prom ever again.

I wish they'd stop.

(also if you comment on this saying "omg go to prommm! it's soooo fun lol" I will reach through the computer screen and stab you.)


So, because of this whole anemia deal, I have to alter my diet. Less crap, more iron. Unfortunately, I am not in charge of what I get to eat, although I have a lot of choice--but ultimately, I don't get to choose when we have steak. And when we do have steak, I don't get to choose how well done it is. (They make it almost bloody. I like it burnt to a crisp.)

Sure, I'll be grabbing broccoli whenever I can, but there's other things I have to eat, too. Wikipedia (Yeah, I know, not accurate and shit, but here was the scene: There was 3 minutes of internet left, I was sobbing because my parents pretty much diagnosed me and didn't explain anything, and the freshmen were beating each other up. SO FORGIVE ME FOR USING WIKIPEDIA JUST THIS ONCE.) suggested Vitamin C.

This is what I ate today, trying to alter my eating habits slightly: Nothing for breakfast. (When I'm not at home, I don't eat breakfast. This is usually because the dining hall is drowning in the smell of eggs, and I'm too sickened to even think about eating. If I'm really, really zealous, though, or if they have Rice Krispies, I'll eat.) For lunch, I had orange juice (Vitamin C, see?), mashed potatoes, and beets. I put a slice of roast beef on my plate, but it was one of the more unappetizing things I've seen lately, so I let it be.

Afterwards I went to my room and had some Nutella. I'm a fucking idiot, yeah, but hey, I'm an idiot who likes chocolate. And hazelnut. In one convienient spread.

Coach doesn't care what I have as long as I can play. (Not like I start or anything.)

That's it for now, I think. I'm going out to the field half an hour early just so I can lay in the sun and eat seeds, despite it being like 30 degrees out. I am tenacious.

(This is my first un-FO'd post in a couple months. I did this so people other than Ginger and Tara and Regan can see what I'm writing. Slightly nervous.)


Jan. 19th, 2009




Started again on smaller needles, though. It rose from the ashes.